Branding and Awareness

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Brand Recognition

Building a recognizable brand is the ultimate goal of a succesful marketing strategy. Using consistency in branding in all materials is essential. Your logo, the colours you use and even the font you use all send a message before a word is even said. Here at esultancy, we will help you select the right materials to help your brand set off on the right foot.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is hugely important in how you communicate with your audience. different businesses need to communicate with their clients in different ways and defining who your customers are is paramount in decided what tone of voice should be used. Here at esultancy, we can help your business define it's tone of voice and then use this in all campaigns on all platforms.

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Consistency of Branding

The points above, when executed correctly, are essential components of consistency of branding. Here at esultancy we can ensure consistency of branding across all platforms and all campaigns, so you are always sending the right message in the right way.

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